Modernizing a fresh home on the web

After many years of new customers, producers, community programs and resources, as well as the launch of a retail outlet/subscription program, the Tahoe Food Hub needed a new website. A fresh home on the web, it now highlights the organization's incredible offerings, outreach and mission.

A pro bono project for us, the site now better speaks to its users, while also serving as a marketing, fundraising, and informational hub. The creative is responsive in design, works across multiple platforms, and is simple to maintain and update by the client as a SquareSpace template. View site.

Highlighting a brand’s community-based food system that supports locals and farmers alike.

Engaging and fresh, modern and friendly. The site's new design reflects the company’s grass roots character, as well as it unique take on local resources, current demographic, and appeal to potential new customers.

Copy, content and visuals build awareness, engage the user, provide helpful information, drive donation and new customer signups. The user experience is now user-friendly, responsive and seamless, while the SEO is be fully optimized to drive traffic.


Information Architecture
Web Design





Effective user experience with key visuals to boost CSA sign-ups and community knowledge.

The Tahoe Food Hub is building a food system that supports regenerative farming practices by increasing access to local food for North Lake Tahoe. In addition to Wholesale and CSA signups, the site also hosts a wealth of info from climate and environmental effects to farmer resources, in-house recipes, and community programming.

Elevating the web presence to match the quality of the nonprofit's offerings.

The Tahoe Food Hub's impact on local agriculture, the mountain community, and the environment are its key pillars as a non-profit. Chapas Design wanted to be sure to showcase their amazing imagery and content.

Tahoe Food Hub is a 501c-3 non-profit organization based in Truckee, California. Founded in 2013, we are a hub for local, sustainably-grown food that connects farmers to markets. Photo Credit: Kelsey Murphy

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Using the voice and tone established by the Tahoe Food Hub team, we edited for clarity, grammar, and punctuation.

Huge thanks to Allison Chapas and her team at Chapas Design for gifting us this beautiful new site to tell our story! It’s a real page turner! And navigates effortlessly! Over the fields and through the woods happy with how it turned out!

Susie Sutphin
Founder & Director, Tahoe Food Hub
Truckee, CA


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