MoveLab Pro

Branding, UX, and visual design for a website that hosts athletic performance training videos, aimed at helping surfers (and athletes in general) achieve and maintain levels of peak performance, via soft work, flexibility, mobility, and strength training. View site.

DELIVERABLES • branding • custom illustration • research • wireframes • UX/UI •  responsive web design •  development


I could not be happier with my website. Allison and her team of experienced professionals not only managed to take my vision and make it a reality, they finished it on time! I'm not the most technically savvy individual, but throughout the collaborative process, Allison offered tactful advice and guidance while ensuring that the final product was my own creation. The end result is a contemporary design that is intuitive for both the end-user to navigate and for me to update and make real-time tweaks to my content. I'm looking forward to working with Allison and her team on an App that will work in tandem with the website to provide me a dynamic platform to deliver quality content to my clients. Thank You Allison!!!

- Derek Bloom-Johnson, Owner and Founder of MoveLab Pro

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