Allison is at once a pleasure to work with, and an incredibly talented visual and UX designer. She always delivers on time, on spec, and is a great collaborator and team member. I've worked with her on several occasions and wouldn't hesitate to hire her again, or to recommend her to a friend. ­
- Andrew Day, while Director of Product Design at Citrix
Allison was a pleasure to have on my team at Apple. She was part of an internal email creative and production 'agency' that was responsible for all customer and transactional email at Apple. Throughout her tenure she was a tireless worker and a real pro - passionate, capable and motivated. More than that her 'can do' attitude was a pleasure to see every day and she had a positive influence on all her co-workers. I'd happily recommend Allison for any design or production role. ­
- Greg Olson, Sr. Manager, while Interactive Marketing and Analytics at Apple
I could not be happier with my website. Allison and her team of experienced professionals not only managed to take my vision and make it a reality, they finished it on time! I'm not the most technically savvy individual, but throughout the collaborative process, Allison offered tactful advice and guidance while ensuring that the final product was my own creation. The end result is a contemporary design that is intuitive for both the end-user to navigate and for me to update and make real-time tweaks to my content. I'm looking forward to working with Allison and her team on an App that will work in tandem with the website to provide me a dynamic platform to deliver quality content to my clients. Thank You Allison!!! ­
- Derek Bloom-Johnson, Owner and Founder of MoveLab Pro
Allison and her team developed an excellent website for our community-based research project. We needed a professional website that hosted two languages, was responsive to community desires, and was delivered on time. Allison designed a beautiful site that fit our needs, updated the site details given community feedback, and made sure that the final site was up at the promised deadline. She was wonderful to work with and we would recommend her to anyone who is working on a community-based project! ­
- Courtney Carothers, Associate Professor, University of Alaska Fairbanks
I worked with Allison during the early stages of a new project when we needed a designer's touch on the concept the team was working on. She was able to dive right in, process through all the months of research and ideas and "put it down on paper". We were able to assemble together a set of workflows that provided a much needed grounding for the project. She was a great collaborator: detailed, articulate and responsive. I loved working with Allison and would recommend her to friends. ­
- Chong Han Chua, while Senior Program Manager at Microsoft
I thoroughly enjoyed working with Allison, and we are thrilled with our new website! From concept to execution, Allison is very hands-on and detail-oriented. She reviewed the analytics for our previous website, created detailed user personas, and delivered a comprehensive plan to create a more engaging user experience – from wireframes to pixel perfect designs. Allison was very hands-on in the development process, which was extremely valuable. We look forward to collaborating more with Allison in the near future as our site continues to evolve. ­
- Laura E. Nelson, Head of Marketing at Broadly
Allison joined our team as a contractor and didn't hesitate jumping right in and contributing, offering her perspective, and helping solve the design and UX challenges of our new startup website project. She has excellent design sense, highly professional, strong communicator and very easy to work with. Allison brings that senior, experienced value that helps move design work from good to great -- and the client loved it. ­
- Jack Macy, Co-Founder, Product & Design, CSTMR Fintech Marketing
It’s easy to say that I could not have taken my product to the next level without Allison on the team. First of all, Allison cares deeply about understanding the problem at hand, both in terms of user wants and needs and in terms of the technology used in the solution. That virtue formed the basis for really solid interface designs that we could quickly incorporate into an early-stage product, and we’ve had strongly positive responses from users and customers alike. Last but not least, Allison is a breeze to work with. ­
- Harry Wornick, while Product Manager at Support.com, Inc.
Allison is a superb marketing designer. Her designs for Seagate's direct marketing campaigns have been fresh and original. She is quick, professional, and has a firm grasp on best practices for online design. ­
- Scott Kirkland, while Senior Web Merchandising and DM Manager at Seagate
I was impressed at every stage with her creativity, professionalism, and commitment....Overall, working with Allison was a great experience. I would recommend her most highly, and without hesitation to anyone looking to build their personal or professional web presence. ­
- Duncan Watts, Author & Principal Researcher at Microsoft
Allison is great at solving difficult UI design problems. She actively tracks down open issues and made sure that nothing was blocking the progress of the project. She brought great energy to the team and was a delight to work with! ­
- Scott Richards, while Senior Software Engineer at Adobe
She was able to take our creative brief and translate it into a website / presence that was both on-equity and in-scope. She brought to life the product offering in an interactive and compelling way....we were impressed with Allison's professionalism. Allison delivered her commitments on-time and on-budget. ­
- Emily Szurek, while Senior Brand Manager at Johnson&Johnson
Allison is not only an Ivy League educated web and graphics designer without peer, but she is also a great person to work with and really brightens up an office. ­
- Rick Bentley, while CEO at Televoke & Cloudastructure, Inc.
I had the pleasure of working with Allison on multiple marketing/design projects. She has an incredible sense of marketing, communication, design, UI design and more. Allison is a pleasure to work with and an awesome person. ­
- Gabe Foo, whileDirector of Marketing at ResponseLogix


Patent: Social Shopping on a networked publication system
Date Issued: December 31, 2011
United States 13/341,978
Client: eBay

Oracle ThinkQuest Education Foundation Young Professionals Panel
San Francisco, CA

HOW Magazine International Design Annual
Merit Award for Smart Design IDSA "Cool Map"